How to improve your website’s design

How to improve your website’s design

Does your site have all the features to drastically reduce the bounce rate and allow your site visitors to stay longer? If you are not sure then take a look these helpful tips that certainly will improve your website’s design and will increase the amount of time people spend on your website.

Save your site from congestion and clutter

Check that your website pages are free of visual related clutter on them that confuses viewers. The overcrowding of numerous images and graphics deprives the website its uniqueness because it diverts the attention of viewers off the main information. The paragraphs shouldn’t be too long, as they become boring to read it which makes it difficult to retain the audience interest. They should be brief and succinct in length. in ideal cas payment by text es, should not exceed more than five or six lines.

Considering the Fold

“The Fold” usually refers to the area of a website that is visible without scrolling. Because it is the area that is visible to people who are online Therefore, important features that include strong call to actions as well as important information regarding your company such as a phone number and an email address must be included in the upper area of the website.

Using Dummy Tools

Lorem Ipsum is what many web designers use for creating placeholders for text that look like dummy text for their websites. It is beneficial in many instances when the text has not been completed. This enables the web designer in any web design company to work on the website without holding on to the content writers which could impede the process. This speeds up the entire design process. When it comes to photographs and photos, Web designers are able to utilize the Lorem Ipsum equivalent for images that allows designers to utilize placeholder images that are dummy.

Responsive design is Mandatory

It is essential to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and viewable in any type of electronic device. The design should be made so that the user is able to experience a seamless user experience and a continued ability with minimum scrolling without any inconvenience across multiple devices. In fact, the website should be able for any image dimensions or resolution.

Use Proper Style Guides

Using a standard style guide is crucial to produce impressive results from a web design. Style Guides, in fact they are very popular among web designers since it helps in ensuring uniformity in styles. Guides can be found as documents and books. They include guidelines enumerating all the details, such as labelling essentials to the numerical characters. Web designers also make styles guides of their own to ensure consistency throughout the designing process. Style guides are essential in the event that there are several people working on a project, for instance freelance writers which work in a various locations. When text needs to be presented in a variety of ways with a lot of variety in heavy sites These Guides to Style Guides are handy.


By using A/B testing, you’ll be able test a large number of things to determine whether your ideas are effective or not. It’s a good way to find more options and to test the efficacy of your design. It is possible to determine whether a particular feature is working or not, and whether you need to incorporate another feature. The decisions you make are taken from testing various aspects of the design which is actually a hypothesis. Continuous testing of the user on a daily basis for improving your web design is an on-going procedure. When you master this technique and experience, you’ll have more control of experimentation and implementing new concepts.

Every page is an ‘Landing Page’

Each and every page on a website is vital for an individual user. Apart from your homepage every page is crucial from the point of viewpoint. Whatever page visitors visit on your website, it should be perfectly designed. It is the truth, as studies, shows that for the majority most visits for most sites users visit a web page that is not your home page. Thus, it is essential to have vital information and an aesthetically appealing design on every page of your website.

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